Team Rembrandts

Team Rembrandts, team 4481, is a robotics team located in Eindhoven with students from Fontys University of Applied Science, Eindhoven University of technology, Zwijsen College and Heerbeeck College. HBO, WO, MBO and High school combined all together.

On the team, students work alongside an experienced group of mentors and senior students, who are able to help the students achieve and learn more than they would be able otherwise.

Team Rembrandts, strives to spread STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). As said by Dean Kamen, Co-Founder of FIRST, “To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” Our team believes in inspiring young people to be tomorrow’s science and technology leaders and we firmly believe in these ideals. We promote these everywhere where we come.

2011 was the beginning of FIRST Robotics Competition for Team Rembrandts, team 4481, led by The Nasa Knights, team 122, at the World Finals in St. Louis. We were there with our FIRST Tech Challenge team and were interested in FIRST Robotics Competition. After asking a couple of teams if they could help us they all said: team 122, The Nasa Knights, is the way to go. So in co-operation with The Nasa Knights, Team Rembrandts was born and in our first year we won the Rookie All-star Award which allowed us to go to the FIRST Championship. Sinds then Team Rembrandts won 10 awards and we were able to go 3 times to the FIRST Championships.

The new Age of Enlightenment

The original Age of Enlightenment was a cultural movement of intellectuals in the 17th and 18th centuries. Its purpose was to reform society using reason, challenge ideas grounded in the laws of nature and common sense. Also advancing knowledge through the scientific method. It promoted science, scepticism, intellectual interchange and opposed superstition. Originating about 1650 to 1700, the Age of Enlightenment was sparked by philosophers John Locke, Baruch Spinoza, Pierre Bayle, Voltaire and physicist Isaac Newton.

We, Team Rembrandts, think its time for a new age of enlightenment. Therefore we see the importance of enlarging science and technology in our Dutch and European society. Inspiring, teaching and enlighten young and  old. Providing them with a new mind-challenging and inspirational way of thinking.

FIRST Robotics Competition is excellent in helping realizing this ambition. Because the framework does provide a challenge and teamwork based environment. Fitting FIRST Robotics Competition within school programs, setting up a rookie FIRST Robotics Competition team in Italy (Team Leonardo), helping Spain to organize there FIRST Tech Challenge competition and providing Dutch FIRST Tech Challenge teams with kit of parts is just a small part of our list of things we’ve done so far and what we’ve got in mind.