​New York Tech Valley Regional 2016

​ New York Tech Valley Regional 2016

New York Tech Valley was our second regional this year. We started at the New York City regional, were we already had an wonderful experiences. During our travel to the New York Tech Valley regional we made a sort stop at the Orange County Choppers. It was great to see all those beautiful  and incredible choppers. When we final arrived in Troy, we went exploring. The complete adventures can be found below. The New York Tech Valley regional was an fantastic experiences. Because we went to the New York City regional first, our robot "De Ruyter" was able to get through the robot inspection very quickly. This gave us an opportunity to play as many practices matches as possible. We ended up with a ranking of 30 out of 36 teams. During the alliance picking we were ask to join the alliance of team 4930 - Electric Mayhem. Together with them and team 3044 - Team 0xBE4, we were competing in the playoff. Unfortunately we couldn't win the quarter finals. But we were awarded with the Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen and an great experience. Go and watch the videos and photos below for an wonderful impression.


Day 6 & 7 @ NYC | Explore NYC & Travelday

The last two days were all about resting for the next regional, which we will be competing at the 18th and 19th of March. Tuesday everyone had a day off, so they could plan their day in New York (stad). A lot of us went to the Carlo's Bakery Shop for a some delightful snacks. We also went on top of the World Trade Center to see the astonishing view of New York from above. At the evening some of our team members went to the basketball game of the Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers. Yesterday it was the day to move from New York City to Troy, NY. We had a 4 hour long bus drive for this journey. For a cure to the boredom we went for a quick stop at Orange County Choppers, where we were amazed by the incredible choppers that were built. After the long trip we arrived at the hotel in Troy. With a quick investigation of our rooms we went to see the campus and the stadium, where we will be playing the New York Tech Valley Regional. We will keep you all updated with the links to the livestream of the New York Tech Valley Regional!

Day 8 @ NYTV - Practice Matches

Today we started at the New York Tech Valley Regional. Because we already did the New York City Regional, our robot passed inspection within half an hour. With our robot ready to go, we started our first practice match very quick. Our first impression of the regional was that the robots were ready a lot faster than at New York City. Because of this there were already played some really good matches in practice. We had an awesome day at the regional, it was a lot of fun with singing songs and cheering. Our robot “De Ruyter” played very well and scored a lot of high goals and completed some breaches throughout the day. With tomorrow coming up fast, we will get a good rest to be ready for the qualification matches.

Day 9 @ NYTV | Qualification Matches

The second day of the New York Tech Valley Regional has ended! We’re very proud of the results we had these day! Despite the final rank 33 these days qualification matches, we’ve played very good matches. Every match we’ve scored constantly 4-5 high goals and we breached a lot of outerworks as well. Tomorrow we will have 3 qualification matches left to play, so we will be focused again to score a lot of points. We will show the high seeded teams what we’ve got to offer them for the finals and we hope to rise in the rankings. We hope you enjoyed our matches so far and we will keep you updated about the progress of the day!

Day 10 @ NYTV | Finals

The New York Tech Valley Regional has ended! Today we played 3 qualification matches and the finals. In the qualifications we played very good matches and we scored even more goals than yesterday. We weren’t able to climb in the rankings at the end, so we ended at rank 30. But this wasn’t bad, because we let the other teams now that we were competing there and that we were an addition for their alliance in the finals. A lot of teams would’ve liked to have us as their second pick. At the end we we’re picked by the 8th alliance of FIRST Team 4930 and US First Robotics Team 3044. In the quarterfinals we played very well and we set our high score of the season at 107 points in a match! Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to beat the 1st alliance, so we ended the New York Tech Valley in the quarterfinals. Together with the good results we had, we are very happy to announce that we’ve won the Imagery Award! Tomorrow we will travel back to the Netherlands and we will arrive Monday morning back in Holland. We’ve had a blast of a time at the New York Tech Valley Regional and we are very happy that we can bring another award home with us. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching our games and following us!