Do you want to join our team?

Team Rembrandts is an ambitious robotics team. We compete every year in the FIRST Robotics Competition and were able to inspire young people into the field of science and technology. Next to building robots we also participate in projects with teams and parties all around the world.

Some of our other projects:


Our team consists out of students from different schools. (Fontys University of Applied Science, Zwijsen College and Heerbeeck College)

What can you expect as a Team Rembrandts member?

We, as Team Rembrandts, aim to provide opportunities and surroundings for self improvement in technical, non-technical and interpersonal skills. With us, you will gain real world experience in working in an engineering environment and can choose where you would like to focus your efforts. You can expect guidance in your chosen path as we challenge you to achieve your goals within, and outside, the team. With Team Rembrandts, your goal can be teamwork, self improvement, personal, or all of the above. We will do our best to help you reach it.


Building a robot has many aspects: for design, building, programming a robot we need engineers, but also Human Resources, Media & Branding, Outreach, Funding & Finance are playing an important role. That is why all students from the university and high schools are welcome, regardless of the field of study or experience. Part-time, full-time.

Do you think you share our ambitions? Or do you want more information? Contact us by sending an email to [email protected].


To become a member of  Team Rembrandts you have to sent a request to Human Resource: [email protected]