South Florida Regional 2017

​South Florida Regional 2017

With our robot “William“ we went to Florida to compete in the South Florida and the Orlando Regional. Our hotel in West Palm Beach was at a stone's throw from the South Florida Regional. We explored West Palm Beach and enjoyed the nice weather. At the South Florida regional we were able to get in to the semifinals. It was an amazing regional. Wonderful to meet so many new teams. We had a rough start. Because of this we had mist a few matches, but after we fix the problem we were up and running. After the qualification matches we were at rank 12 out of 47 teams and we came second in the Offensive Power Rating (OPR) stands. During the alliance picking we were ask to join the alliance of team 6001 - CIP. Together with them and team 2556 - RadioActive Roaches. In the semifinals we got defeated after 3 nerve-ranking tiebreakers. But we didn't leave the South Florida Regional empty handed. We were rewarded with the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors.

Qualification Matches South Florida Regional

The first regional day is here! After doing the last adjustments on the robot on the practice day, we are now ready for the real deal. The FIRST two matches started of with a win!! The following matches also were great. We won some, we lost some but we scored high points, which made us the number 1 in the OPR ranking and 15th in the normal ranking.

Play-offs South Florida Regional

WHAT A DAY! After playing the last qualification matches, we finished 12th in the ranking, which meant we didn't have the possibility to chose our own alliance. However, we were the first pick chosen by team 6001 CIP Robotics. Eventually team 2556 Radioactive Roaches joined the alliance as well. Together we fought our way through the quarter final to the semi finals. After losing the first match and winning the second, we were up for a tiebreaker. However, it didn't just stay with 1 tiebreaker. We needed 3 of them to see who proceeds to the finals. Unfortunately, we lost the 3rd tiebreaker, so the competition stopped for us there. After losing the match, we were very disappointed. That didn't take long, because everyone realised how proud we could be on what we achieved with our beautiful robot. The robot also got noticed by the judges, who rewarded us with the Industrial Design award! We want to thank the organisation, all the teams and everyone who was at the South Florida regional for the amazing time we had.

Sightseeing in Florida