Climber 2022

Championship climber



  • 2 stage climber to get mid-rung.
  • Driven by NEO motor with pneumatic brake.
  • Gearbox reduction of 12:1 to climb within 3 sec.
  • 1st stage is a 755mm long 50x50x2mm aluminium tube.
  • 2nd stage is a 740-long 25x25x2mm carbon fiber tube.
  • The movement is made possible by custom-made bearing blocks.
  • Unfoldable arm to hang on the high rung.
  • A pneumatic cylinder unfolds the arm.
  • Surgical tubing is used on the claw so it cannot fall off the high rung.

Regional climber

Double-sided hook to be able to grab rung from 2 sides supported by 3D printed spacers

The climber can expand to up to 1300 mm 

Weigth of 3.5 kg

3D printed bracket to mount to the outtake for extra support 

Custom bearing blocks made from 7mm thick milled aluminum-containing constant force springs to reduce the force needed by the motor 

803 stage climber 

Stage 1: 50x50x522.5 mm aluminium tube 

Stage 2: 35x35x482 mm aluminium tube 

Stage 3: 20x20x275 mm aluminium tube 

SMC jcdq20 pneumatic cylinder used as a break onto the power transmission 

Gearbox reduction of 12:1 to climb within 3 seconds 

Climber mounted to the drivetrain with 2 mounting plates