Shooter 2022

Championship shooter


  • Storage for two CARGO.
  • A feeder with mechanum wheel to center the CARGO at all times.
  • CARGO being shot by 6x 4” stealth wheels driver by 2x NEO motor.
  • Adjustable hood with top roller driven by a NEO 550 to shoot CARGO from any position on the field.
  • Limelight to automatically adjust the hood with a NEO 550.
  • The shooter contains a total of 26 wheels.
  • Home of 3 air tanks, RSL, Radio, and network switch.

Regional shooter

  • Hooded shooter fo low and high hub
  • Storage for 2 Cargo
  • Weight 10KG (22LBS)
  • 440 x 350 x 630 mm

Adjustable hood for low and high hub

4 Wheel feeder shaft

2 Wheel feeder shaft

2" Orange stealth wheels

1 Neo with spark max for feeder wheels

Polyplate to guide the Cargo. Bracket riveted to drivetrain

Infrared sensor for Cargo detection

RSL that is good visible for extra safety

Radio mounted in Championship winning radio case

Network switch in super epic TR case

Shooter design shared with other teams!

4x 2” orange stealth wheels with 40mm compression for shooting

Space for 2 air tanks on the back of the shooter in custom made holders

2x NEO with spark max for shooter wheel in the bottom to keep Centre of mass low

SMC pneumatic cylinder to adjust the angle of the hood

3/5 solenoid for pneumatic cylinder

Shooter mounted to drivetrain with 4 brackets for quick replacement

200T HTD5 belt 9mm

Limelight mounted to the front of shooter to detect cargo